The Duda Widget Workshop is here. The Duda Doctors have created cost effective widgets that will make your site building life a lot easier without you having to become a Super Coder.
Widgets for Special Effects, Google Maps, Accordion Content, Social media Sharing, Payment Gateways just to name a few of the 100’s of Duda widgets will be offering for sale in its workshop or maybe you will want something special custom built just for you. With Widget Workshop we focus on getting things done for you to save you time and save you money.



Font Awesome

Use any and different sizes of Font Awesome icons with ease.

Product Size Menu List

Add variations to your product list such as sizes, color, etc.


Organize your contents using this simple text accordion.

Button 2D Effects

Make buttons more fun and dynamic with hover effects!

Facebook Feed

Show your Facebook page's feed without using any developer skills.

HTML5 Video Player

Embed & play videos on your site easily with just your MP4, WebM and Ogg link. You can also customise the player!

Double Image Effect

Switch an image to another one on hover.

Card Action

Simple but effective way to display descriptions.

Services Group

No hassle listing of your services.

Rolling Counter

Display your number of sales i.e using a rolling counter.


Organize the contents on your site with up to five tabs!

Flip Image

A collection of text on image hover effects to create fast, complex text on image effects for websites.

Polygon Images

Shape your images without a photo editor or shaping tool.

Image Effects

Add emphasis to your sites' images using effects.

Responsive Table

Display a responsive table from a JSON or a CSV file.

Facebook Messenger

Allow your customer to easily contact you on FB Messenger though your website.

Image Text Wrap

Save space and add cooperation to your images and text by this widget.

Tabulation with Image

Customize your tabs and add images!

Text Tooltip

Add tool tips on your text contents for easy browsing for visitors.

Image Tooltip

 Add descriptions or caption to your images on hover by this cool widget.



Shuffle Image Gallery

 A categorized image gallery

Before and After Slider

Boast your comparison of before and after pics by this cool widget. You can have them on sliders too!

Custom Slider

Slider that comes up with different transition effect to choose from.

Audio Track

Add a music player to your site.

Gallery Slider

 Display multiple sliding images with the ability to zoom in on them.

Testimonial Slider

Show your customers testimonial with a slider. Comes with different lay-outs.

Film Slider

Spice up your gallery with this multiple image slider.

Thumbnail Slider

Select an image from the thumbnails for bigger picture.


Display graphical representation of your stats, sales and other info.



Google Spreadsheet Table

Display a table that pulls data from Google Spreadsheet.

Tipue Search

We are so excited so we will constantly update this page and as you can see The Duda Widget Workshop is going to make your life a lot easier, your sites even more special all of which means awesome First Web Impressions with your Duda One Site that will attract even more Customers.
And don't worry about installing the widgets Duda Doctor team will do it all for you.
Would you like to find out more? Just Click on the link below and we can then send all the information including pricing.
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